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A semi-realistic RP based upon intermediate to advanced Role Players!
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 Serenity Mountain

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Serenity Mountain Empty
PostSubject: Serenity Mountain   Serenity Mountain EmptyMon Jan 21, 2013 4:50 pm

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This mountain consists of wild flowers bloomed across the landscape with lush greens and astonishing view of the scenery around. A perfect place to rendezvous when on a honey moon.
Exceptional traits with thepacks history was once amongst this mountain, devastated with a dull grim color from a forest fire due to some campers leaving their fire pit unattended. The flames scorched the entire perimeterleaving no bright colors but very dull moments.
Years later into the future the landscape was reborn, the same vegetation residing now bloomed yet covered with the new fallen snow that has a thick layer of blankets.
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Serenity Mountain
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