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A semi-realistic RP based upon intermediate to advanced Role Players!
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 Misty Meadows

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PostSubject: Misty Meadows   Misty Meadows EmptyFri Feb 01, 2013 4:10 pm

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This place is well known for its name. A rain shower would come across this land with a heavy or light down pour, normally caused in the morning time, towards late afternoon. Causing some mist to brew across the mid height area. Can be barely seen in front of you, the clouds start to dim the light as the rain continues, departing with the sunlight. It may have lush vegetation but beware that you have embarked into grizzly territory. That's correct, grizzly bears natural form of location to reside here. Not much coverage, but it's useful for them to hunt, especially when animals become lost when they can't find their way around and lose scents.
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Misty Meadows
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