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 The Occasional Strays of BC

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The Occasional Strays of BC Empty
PostSubject: The Occasional Strays of BC   The Occasional Strays of BC EmptyFri Feb 01, 2013 12:44 pm

British Columbia has classified many stray dogs throughout the years. It's your turn to out smart these humans and strive throughout the areas to survive! Beware of the pound master, since she endures capturing you with those long metal rods with a loop on the end, be aware of that loop or your neck will be attached to it and be dragged like the other guilty dogs that have tried to run.
BC has also discovered stray and feral cats and dogs befriended. Clans rule throughout the city and meadows. Think you can handle the mother nature that stands ahead of you?

-Don't go off topic, unless you are lost during the RP
-Be realistic, no power playing nor any type of magic to get yourself out of trouble!
-If you know how dogs interact with humans, be realistic with how you interact with what you RP as.
-Humans have the potential ideal way to capture you. You can RP as two characters only. Pick either to be a cat or a dog or even a human. You can be both animals, or you can be an animal and a human. Your choice ^^

Full Body View:

Name [Name of your character]
Gender[Female or Male]
Age [Months or years]
Class [Feral or stray: there's a difference. Strays were once obtained by humans as pets but abandoned or thrown out on the streets. Feral dogs are wild, they were born in the wild and don't trust anything that easily]
Species [Human or animal]
Features [What does your character look like]
Behavior [Personality wise]
Knowledge [What does your character know that others don't]
Skills [What skills do you have the best of]
Narration[ History of your life]
Destestations [dislikes]
Thrills [Likes]
Crush [Secret admirer]
Mate [Companion]
Pups [Litter or child]
Full Body View [Reference of your character: Can be a drawing too]

This is only a list of suggestions. You don't have to use all the stuff above, you can delete or create others, whatever makes you satisfied c:

My Character~
Name: Slavink
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years
Class: Stray
Species: Dog- Australian Cattle Dog
Features: Short, double coated and coarse dappled reddish brown pigment with a variety of other hues surrounding his frame with slight curls. Short legs with a long un-docked tail. Has long pointed ears, and still has his beige collar, marked with his name and information. He is approximately 18 inches at height and weighs around 49 lbs. He has a few missing areas of hide on his paws and side, due to the fact he was neglected when he was a bit older from his puppy age.
Behavior: A level of independence and cooperation, with enough energy that won't necessarily tire him out. He used to be a working dog for his owner who owned a ranch, exercising his mind and body daily. Not very accustomed to humans and can be a bit cautious when lurking the streets. Though, despite his attitude, he can be affectionate and a playful one, who aids injured dogs or guards them protectively with a defiant stance. If provoked, he'll arrange his timing and will enforce himself into control.
Knowledge: Routes throughout the city and meadows. Knows the uncultivated areas that are forbidden for not just humans but dogs as well.
Skills: Running, biting, stealing, taunting and guarding.
Narration: As a pup, Slavink was held in an adoption center. A cold and quiet room, that was filled with other abandoned or stray dogs capture. But for Slavink, he was the brother of three sisters that were held in downtown, waiting for their new home. Days went by and Slavink and his siter Grace were the last to be adopted. having to be the last pup taken a week later, he was hoping for a big place with just him and his owner and perhaps other dogs too. Frankly it wasn't whathe expected for long.
Slavink was held in a barn until he was a few months older and was a working dog. Obeying and chasing after these big fluffy herds of four legged sheeps. He couldn't picture them as sheep, never has seen one before. But according to the other dogs he has met. Chowder was a retired sheep dog, a collie for that. he showed me the ropes on how to chase and guide the sheep into the pens. It was hard work. Tired me out quickly everyday. But ever since I kept up with my routine I've earned my trust and it was an easy task to complete. Then came the hardest part.
When I reached 2 years old after chasing and herding his other pets, he started me on a wagon to pull around and help him deliver and seed the farm. That was something I wasn't too satisfied about helping. That type of job was what Chowder always told me about, that I ran to exercise my mind and body so I wouldn't fail to attempt an offer to help. The years went by slow that time of the year. Winter was brutal, working in the cold icy slush, my owner was getting agitated of the winter session that he was more concerned and neglected me with a stick and the newspaper if I didn't work hard enough.
A new addition to the farm arrived as I was 4 years old. A tall broad steed, black with white hooves and a nasty attitude, didn't feel too comfortable with other dogs around. neighing and thumping at the ground alerted me with caution and I gave a harsh bite to the leg and side. With that I was locked up, with no food or water for a day, being yelled at and sleeping only on a pillow case of the wooden floor. Slavink was released after a day of discipline, having no trust given from the owner, he bit his owners hand. The one who fed him and cared for him. Not letting go with a growl he was thrown onto the streets. Taken from the truck and thrown near the river, leaving with a hesitant thrush from the ground and the tires squeaking. Slavink got up unharmed at the bank, drenched at his paws and a slight limp. He watched as his former owner left withou a trace. Only his scent still remains, he can recognize it for miles. But then he still doesn't want to return.
Destestations: Humans, mechanical vehicles, loud noises, enclosed areas, being outnumbered, getting injured, watching others get injured, Stacy the Pound master.
Thrills: Barking, biting, being sneaky, stealing, Looking for attention, guarding and much more.
Crush: -
Mate: -
Pups: -
Full Body View: The Occasional Strays of BC Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTRx1Ievzf7z-7BqbicHHRBtH2MAuwnmOAHWDChRucoqg9KQOJ_TA
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The Occasional Strays of BC
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