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 Combatant - Fang

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PostSubject: Combatant - Fang   Combatant - Fang EmptySun Jan 27, 2013 1:38 am

Name: Fang
Gender: Male
Age: Three years
Desired Rank: Combatant
Class: [Determining...]

Pelt Description:
Mostly gray coat with light gray underbelly, chest, and face. Some light beige patches (see Other Patterns / Markings).

Eye Color:Orange

Fang is generally laid back and calm, but can become ferocious if threatened or provoked. He is very protective of his family and will not hesitate to step up to a fight if the need arises. Loyal to a fault, Fang would rather die than see someone he cares about hurt.

There once was a strong pack with a vast territory. Fang was a hunter in this pack and carried out his duties diligently. Food was plentiful and nobody was ever in want of nourishment. However, a rival pack whose territory bordered that of Fang's needed to expand their land to support new members.

A war broke out between the two as the rival pack invaded the lands of Fang's pack. Battle after battle was fought with heavy losses on both sides. As the warriors fell one by one, Fang soon found himself thrust into the role of a combatant. It seemed as though both packs would mutually annihilate each other before long.

However, this was not to be. One fateful day, the rival pack engaged Fang's pack with numbers larger than Fang thought possible. The rivals must have taken in some outcasts from someplace, and now outnumbered Fang's pack two to one. The defeat was crushing and final. The few surviving members of Fang's pack were scattered and driven far from their home. Fang was separated from his family and has been unable to find them since.

It has been three months since that fateful day. Reluctantly, Fang has decided that he can no longer afford to continue to search for the family he was driven from. The struggles of a lone wolf are difficult, and Fang has begun looking for a new family to share the burdens of life with.

Thrills: Protecting his family, taking down a big target, harmony with his pack.
Detestations: Internal pack struggles, betrayal, failure.

Crush: None yet
Mate: None yet
Pups: None yet
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Combatant - Fang
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