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 Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ

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PostSubject: Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ   Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ EmptyWed Jan 23, 2013 8:34 pm

Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ[size=16][size=16]


Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ Wolf_s14

Name: Jay
Nicknames: JJ,J
Gender: Male
Age: Just about three
Rank wanted: hunter (for now)

Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ Wolf_s15

Jay has a strong build with long powerful legs. He has one light green eye and one
ice blue eye. His coat is dark with grey around his face and neck. His legs are a little
akward, so it makes him a little taller than most male's. Jay has a scar that goes
from his nose to his forehead. Also he has one large scar one his right front paw.

Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ Wolf_s16
Jay has a bad past. His father got killed and he only had his mother. One day his mother
went to go hunt and left Jay in a bush. Jay walked out of the bush for a second. Than a
large hawk came down and scooped little Jay up. The hawk carried him to kanses. Jays
mother is still looking for him. The hawk put him down in the forest and the hawk saw
another bird trying to take its egg so it dropped Jay. Jay ran off and never found his mom
Jay than made his own pack in tribute of his mother.

Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ Wolf_s17


Jay has a really short temper, But would never show his anger at a female. He will easyly attack a
frisky male. He is very lazy and will spend most of his day sleeping. He is very protective of his pack and
family. He can be very stuborn at times.

Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ Wolf_s18


Jay has not seen his mom since what happened and his dad left him. He has no mate or pup's.
But he acts like his pack is his family.

Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ Wolf_s19
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PostSubject: Re: Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ   Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ EmptyThu Jan 24, 2013 12:11 am

A well put together biography. I love it!
Welcome to the pack and hope to see you in RP soon!
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Ẃḛḽḉṍṃḗ ṯṏ Jḁẙ'ṩ ḃḭṓ
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