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A semi-realistic RP based upon intermediate to advanced Role Players!
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 Rosella-Alpha Female

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Recognized As

Also Known As
Rose & Ella

Age of Development
3 Years of age


25% Timber, 70% Mackenzie Valley & 5% Dire wolf

Rose has a medium length, sleek chestnut coated pigment with brown hues formed among her frame and surrounding ivory flecks. Due to her age, she has long hind limbs, durable for long distant sprints and for climbing. She has a short snout yet keen incisors and large pointed receptors. She has a thick ruffled mane and below her torso with darkened brown markings behind her fore and hind paw flexible muscles. She has extraordinary gray orbs with a hint of green.

Loyal, cooperative, protective and dependable. Always eager to help and aid those wounded or lost. Never takes her eyes off newcomers whom need a lesson learned. She has a bold feature and is optimistic about her actions. She doesn't often show her aggression, yet she can get testy around uncertain canids. Treat her with respect and she'll throw you an affectionate side, with a playful manner so to speak. If she is provoked by hostile wolves she'll tend to intimidate thoroughly with her body language and with discourage.

Approx 115 lbs; lean. 32 inches at the shoulders.

Hostile wolves, complaining, outnumbered wolves, interrogating, arrogance

Pups, compassionate wolves, watchful eyes, cooperative listeners, etc

Full Body View
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Rosella-Alpha Female
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