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A semi-realistic RP based upon intermediate to advanced Role Players!
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 The Guidelines of the Rules [WIP]

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The Guidelines of the Rules [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: The Guidelines of the Rules [WIP]   The Guidelines of the Rules [WIP] EmptyMon Jan 21, 2013 8:50 pm

Since this pack I have just thought of today. Yes this pack was formed today, january 21, 2013. Woohoo.
Ha, ok so everyone listen up! We're literate Role players, this pack accepts those of intermediate to advanced users. We also accept those who have a character that is semi-realistic but can have a different color, not overdone character like a rainbow per say. I won't accept characters that have excessive amount of stripes, dots, rainbow colors, etc. Glowing eyes are only acceptable if at night. Like a moons reflection bouncing off the lens of your irises, the eyes glow. For this matter I'll accept it, as long as no magic, power, wizardry, etc are part of it.

Members that are accepted into the pack and whom believe they can remain active, can practice their rank, if they aren't satisfied, during a month of activity check I'll promote the members that want to have a different rank. [Members must inform me first before this change occurs!]

No more than one character per person! If you would like to have your wolf changed, you must inform me of that also first but not so soon after you've been accepted. Stay for a while and RP your wolf while it's around. Less than 5 months and your tired of your character you'll have to wait, no acceptances!

Specific Ranks are earned, you must earn that on your own not just by trust, but activity, what your role is and how you perform. Posting both here and on the topic message on WQ. If you're not a member on WQ, PM me and I'll see what I can do from there.

Excessive use of CAPS and constant chatspeaks are not allowed here. Posting daily and constantly isn't allowed, especially if you're 'trying' to beat some else's post score. here's no win or lose in that type of action, you'll be warned.
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The Guidelines of the Rules [WIP]
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